An Ending Comes to an End

Our wonderful friend collected the housing deposit refund check from ADCP one week ago. What was the big delay about?

“They told me I should have known your middle name in order for them to find your check,” she said. “Then I asked why they didn’t phone me when the check was ready [bearing in mind they had promised to do so], and the person told me that if I needed the money then I should track the check down and not the other way around.”

Nice, right? Anyway, I got a text message (still one of the coolest things about living in the UAE–the abundance of text messages quickly and simply confirming transactions) showing that the check was deposited in my bank account the same day. The final step remaining is to transfer that money home, which is on today’s agenda, now that the check has had time to clear, and the Abu Dhabi days are done.

8 thoughts on “An Ending Comes to an End

  1. I just want to thank you for all the useful information your blog has provided. It really helped with knowing what to expect before arriving in the UAE and also afterwards.

    It has been a pleasure to read and I wish your family the best wherever you may be in the future!


      • Does ADEC not contact any employees sort of perfomance evaluation to see who should really be given an extention?The point I want to make is, if ADEC gives me an offer of two years contract. Should I be 100% sure that I will be an ADEC employeee even for 6 years as long as I am still feeling happy in Abu Dhabi?


      • Calvon, there are performance evaluations. Whether they’re accurate or not is a different matter. It’s honestly hard to do an excellent job given the many hurdles chucked in the way, but even so, reality and what appears on paper can be divergent. Typically there’s no worry. If you’re flexible, culturally sensitive, and so forth, you’ll probably have a job for as long as you wish.


  2. Hi.i read your blog.very due to start in aug.woukd like to kno i gta kid whos gna be 13months ..did ur child go to a creche.about how much is it per month.


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