Why Travel?

Exactly a week ago, we were sitting at a financial advisor’s office admitting, somewhat embarrassingly, that most of our assets are in our passport stamps.  This morning, I woke up to this view:

What embarrassment?

Hello, my name is Jenia, and I am a travelholic.

Traveling makes me happy, preparing for a trip makes me giddy. Heck, I even like packing! If you wake me up in the middle of the night, hand me a ticket to virtually any destination, and allow 30 minutes to get ready, I won’t even consider turning down the offer. Shon is the same, minus the packing part. Little Turtle doesn’t really care yet, truth be told.

Between the 3 of us, here’s what our travel map looks like:

Create your own visited map of The World or Amsterdam travel guide for Android

The old saying about birds of a feather holds true to us as well. We tend to surround ourselves with other travel junkies. This summer, we asked some of them to share why they travel. Here’s what they said:

Andrew, 54 years old, has been to 45 countries:

“Why? Because I do love travel and I want to serve others, serve Christ.”

Bennet, 2; 7 countries:


Emile, 10; 8 countries visited (and at least 2 more planned before October):

“I like to travel because I like to explore and learn new things.”

Frank & Melissa, 35 & 34; 32 countries by the end of this month:

“We travel to see the world, experience new cultures, try new foods, and get out of our comfort zone.”

Jenna, 27; 17 countries:

“I travel because you can learn so much – about language, people, religion/spirituality, communication, lifestyles, art, food, architecture, view on life (others and your own), and much more.”

Jody, 38; 12 or 13 countries:

“I travel because I love adventure and experiencing new places and peoples and cultures. I have returned to several of these countries as well. I love meeting people and learning new and different perspectives from people. I love to see how people totally blow stereotypes to bits and I enjoy seeing how people from such different places and cultures are really just like me. God’s creation is beautiful and I love communing with Him in his creation.”

Maria, 31; 31 countries:

“I actually never thought about “Why”. It seems a most obvious thing to do with your time. I would rather ask why someone would NOT travel if they have opportunity?”

Megan, 30; 12 countries:

“Travel because it brings adventure, expands your knowledge, and grows your compassion for all man kind.”

Ryanne, 29; 11 countries (+2 more by the end of summer):

“Because there is only one world and we all live in it. To love all and everyone. 1 John 4:12
No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

Scott, 28; 17 countries:

“Travel because it “broadens the mind.” Travel opens your mind to new cultures, customs, and ways of life. Experiencing the unfamiliar challenges what you’ve always expected to be universally true. The newness breeds a sense of adventure as you incorporate the unfamiliar into your own expanding worldview.”

Susanne, 47; 11 countries (2 more by October):

“God blessed this world with so many extrordinary places, people, cultures, and things to learn. Then, He gave me an abundance of curiosity and an adventurous spirit, so travel I must.”

I, Jenia, am 31, and have been to 24 countries. I believe that the more I travel, the more I learn about myself, the country I came from, and its people. The more I discover the world, the more I discover myself. That’s the biggest draw of traveling to me.


8 thoughts on “Why Travel?

  1. This explains to people who think you’re crazy why you love to travel. To those others, like me, we say, “Yeah! Where’s my passport?”


  2. I travel because it’s so freaking fun! I learn so much from traveling and I love to see differences. I’m my happiest when I’m on vacation in some place and I can come back and share the experience.


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