Airfare Update IV

Okay, I must give it to ADEC.  They’ve come through.  Although it was an entire 3 months late, they’ve credited my wife and child’s airfare allowance into this month’s pay.  Granted, we can make the case that they’re contractually obliged to give us this money and it is supposed to be prior to traveling, not afterward.  But regardless, we’re glad to have it (and also glad that we had enough money to cover our own tickets during the summer holidays, or we’d have been stuck in Al Ain).

This means that despite being late, as regards pay (except that raises have been frozen during the last two years) ADEC has always come through.


10 thoughts on “Airfare Update IV

    • You seem to be right. I have heard several other teachers grumbling that they haven’t been properly reimbursed, and one of them said he’s emailed somebody every single day since August began, but I cannot verify that. Anyway, we are pleased.


  1. Hi there. First, glad to hear that you got your airfare reimbursed. I’m a teacher myself, and actually just got my TEFL certificate. I am very interesting in working in Dubai as well, and while there are a lot of websites offering jobs, it also seems like there are a lot of scams. I was wondering if you could offer me any advice. Answering here is fine, or you could email me at Thanks in advance!


    • Hey Jonny, thanks, I am too.

      There are tons of legitimate jobs to be had in Dubai and in the UAE at large. Are you looking at working in the public school system, or private? If you’re interested in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, I’d suggest checking out ADEC, if you can stomach the sort of thing you read about here, and if you’re ok with a private school system, check out Emirates National School. They are more or less the same as ADEC, but they pay a little less and offer a few less perks. If you’re interested in Al Ain itself, there’s a bunch of private schools here, some of which are supposedly fairly easy to work for. I can offer some names of schools if you’d like. If you’re not familiar with Dave’s ESL Cafe, that’s a good source of information about schools all over the ESL universe, and I found it really helpful as I researched coming here.

      As far as scams go, don’t ever pay anyone to help you find a job, and be careful about handing out important information before you know details about an organization. You can use an agency like Teach Away that’s reputable, or you can do research online and find places to apply. If you do your homework, you shouldn’t get suckered. If it sounds too good to be true…

      Does this help?


      • Thanks! This is really helpful. I’m actually registered with Teach Away. I don’t have a preference when it comes to public or private, although I do have more experience in the private system.

        For me, and for my future goals, I just need to get to an Arabic speaking country, so I don’t necessarily have a preference for Dubai itself. Anywhere in the UAE would be fine, so any names of schools would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks again!


      • A couple pop to mind immediately: Al Ain English Speaking School has been around since 1978, and has a decent rep. Brighton College is new in town and a solid choice.


      • Thanks. I’ll take a look into those. Right now it appears as if there aren’t many openings, but I’ll keep looking and hopefully something will open up soon.


      • Have no fear, there are always openings that pop up. Most people don’t keep their positions that long. You might also search for the oil company called ADNOC. They hire teachers and I think they’re pretty well regarded.


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