It’s Getting Hot!

My family in Maine talks about snowfall bending trees over.  My friends in Georgia mention cold temperatures and even snow flurries.  In Russia it’s so cold our family members have forgotten we exist, as we’ve been frozen from their memories.

Here in Al Ain it couldn’t be any more different.  It’s getting hot again.  Yesterday it was 90F and while Jenia was doing a photo shoot in the dunes (ask her to share some of her pictures–she’s done several such shoots lately) I was wishing I wore shorts instead of jeans.  We haven’t got to run the air conditioning much yet, unless in late afternoon the apartment has gotten a little warm, so I turn it on for five or ten minutes and then shut it off again.  We don’t even need more than a single sheet on the bed now–even a light blanket is too much.

When I lived in Maine, this was about as warm as it ever got on summer days.  Now it won’t be long until we’re missing this weather, with its nice, cool evenings, and relaxing breezes.


4 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot!

  1. Enjoying your post!!! First I saw was the details about being in the UAE too long!!! Cute!! We moved from Mississippi to RAK in November of 2007—now we are in Astrakhan, Russia; but still return to RAK about every 3 months. Keep writing!!!! Will continue to follow!!!


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