Week 2 of School, Done.

So how is the job, you ask?  Hard.  My experience at Randolph-Clay High School helped prepare me, for sure, but this is a different league of classroom management issues altogether.  Generally speaking there aren’t any kids who are just huge trouble makers, but  with a few exceptions, they’re all extremely talkative.  That makes it a real challenge to get anything done.

This week is my second one, and it’s been harder.  The first week was what my colleagues call “The Honeymoon Period,” appropriately enough.  Now the honeymoon is over, and kids are constantly trying all of us English Medium Teachers.  They’ll learn us and settle down a bit, but I dare not say how long that might take.

I’ve had some good days with them and some poor ones.  But there are some small triumphs, and I’ll share them in my next post.



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