Thoughts on Housing

Reflecting on the housing situation, I’ve talked with folks who thought the apartments in the Tahnood complex were just fine.  Those were mostly singles, actually, and if I were single, I’d probably be fine with a little apartment, too.  But where’s the logic in placing married couples and families in teensy-weensy places?  I’m guessing here, and only guessing, but my guess is there wasn’t any logic applied.  In fact, I’m betting that the housing people at ADEC probably went no farther than finding government-approved housing that had the requisite number of bedrooms and baths, and they may not have considered the actual size of the apartments.  Perhaps a visit with the ADEC housing folks in Al Ain will help me understand why Jenia and I were placed where we were, and, keeping my fingers crossed, maybe the will agree to move us to a better-appointed place (with a better kitchen and at least a little more living space).  There are no guarantees, and I realize that.  But with a little luck, firmness, politeness, and persistence, maybe we can make arrangements that will make living easier.  But that will have to wait until after Eid, the big holiday following Ramadan.

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