New Hotel

I’m tired out. Exhausted.

This morning it turned out that they’d sent me to the wrong hotel last night, and that I was supposed to be in the Intercontinental, where the other teachers who are working in Al Ain will be. So after orientation and such, I was told to get my bags and wait in the lobby. Five other teachers found themselves in the same situation. It was a hassle–sort of a hurry up and wait kind of thing.

At 3:30pm, I got checked into the Intercontinental. This hotel has better views and larger rooms, but their internet isn’t as good and the building itself isn’t quite as classy. Tomorrow I’ll try out their breakfast buffet, but I’m willing to bet it’s not as incredible as the huge spread at the Beach Rotana.

Napped. Woke up. Napped.

Tonight I went with friends to a furniture store and one of the larger malls. Anything you want is available there.

Taxis are cheap.

Busses, when available, are, I think, even cheaper.

I took a few photos, but I don’t feel like messing with them now. I’ll share some soon, though.

Oh, one small mistake today: while waiting in the lobby, I took a swig of the bottled water that was complimentary in my room. One of the concierges approached me and nicely reminded me that it’s Ramadan and that I might offend somebody. So I became an unwilling participant in the fast for a while.


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