Just Arrived!

After being delayed in Chicago, which I actually kind of enjoyed, we English Medium Teachers had a fantastic AA flight to London.  It was possibly the smoothest flight I’ve ever experienced.

My whirlwind tour of downtown Chicago began below an elevated train.

Chicago with a Millennium Park footbridge in the foreground.

At the baggage claim.

Inside the AD Airport.

The lobby of the hotel.

To continue the narrative, after our AA flight to London, we had to rush to catch our connecting British Airways flight to Abu Dhabi (“Final boarding call for BA 073” came over the loudspeakers as we were boarding the train to Terminal 5 at Heathrow), the dozen or so of us that were traveling together have landed safe and sound. An ADEC rep named Kimberly was waiting for us, and she ushered us through the arrival process with swiftness and ease. Then some of us went to one hotel (the Intercontinental) and others to this one–the Beach Rotana. After a basic orientation to the hotel, showering and changing, a group of us went to the mall (it’s connected to the hotel) and found some food. Now it’s time to get to bed and drop off to sleep.  I’ll share more details later. My head is spinning from exhaustion.


2 thoughts on “Just Arrived!

  1. Good to hear you are there safely, Shon! I’m enjoying keeping up with the two of you! Keep the posts and pics coming! Stay well and safe! Amanda


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