Thursday List: Reasons to be Tired.

This is Shon, writing from the Clarion hotel in Elmhurst, Illinois.

1. After a couple or three weeks of hectic packing, driving, visiting, and so forth, I’ve every right to be.  And my trip is finally underway.

2. Weather delayed most all flights out of Atlanta this afternoon, resulting in lots of waiting around.  It’s tiring to sit around in an airport (although, to be fair, this was easier than usual, since I had friends to hang out with, and after my friends and I went our separate ways, I met a bunch of teachers who are also heading to Abu Dhabi, all of whom were very friendly).

The group of teachers waiting around T9 as gates were changed and times pushed back.

3.  A missed connection (due to said delay) resulted in a long ordeal at O’Hare–who knew that they roll the sidewalks up at 10:00pm there?–and it was almost midnight by the time we (I say we because there’s a dozen of us EMTs traveling the same flights, and we’ve grouped up) got to a hotel after getting things figured out with American Airlines.  Tiring.

The hotel voucher it took at least an hour to obtain after missing the Royal Jordanian flight to Amman.

4.  The hotel, The Clarion, is in Elmhurst, which has to be half an hour from O’Hare.  It sure felt that way in the cab on the way here.

Where I’m writing from.

5.  It took an almost impossibly hard to imagine 45 minutes just to get a room.  Maybe due to the numerous folks paying in cash?  Maybe the single night duty clerk was overwhelmed by the influx of people?  Dunno, but my feet were starting to complain by the time he finally got to me.

6. It’s 2:30 EST–of course I’m tired!

7. I’ve parted (temporarily, of course) from my lovely wife, and I miss her.

The list format is kind of a fun way to boil the day’s events down to the essence.  I have other stories to tell, but I’ll save them for later.  You’ll soon see a post on The Amazing Hyena of Concourse E.  For the time being, I’m treating today’s trials as more training in the importance of having patience.  Good night.


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