FAQ About Flying and Stuff

Lots of folks ask what we’re doing with our stuff. When flying, it’s impractical to take much with us, so we’re giving some things away, yard saling other stuff, and storing other things.

As for flying, what can we take with us? After all, that little Nike backpack won’t hold that much.

No irony because of the Union Jack is intended.

Well, that’s easily quantified. We can take two pieces of checked luggage on Etihad, and they can weigh no more than 50 lbs each. Dimensionally, those pieces of luggage can measure no more than a total of 138cm. Here’s the link to their website: Etihad Luggage Policies. And if we go over those limitations? Well, we pay a fee, and it can be quite costly.

So what will you carry in two bags? Well, remember, we can have two carry-ons, so that expands the possibilities a bit. The only things I really want to take with me are clothes anyway. Besides that, we’ll be carrying electronics, since they’re cheaper to purchase here. That’s pretty much it.

Speaking of those bags, we’re making a trip to the famous Unclaimed Baggage store in northern Alabama on Friday to see if we can acquire some good luggage at a good price. Maybe we’ll luck into some other stuff, too. Seems like a future post, doesn’t it?


4 thoughts on “FAQ About Flying and Stuff

    • The contract length is 2 years. Beyond that, if things go well, I could renew on, I believe, a yearly basis. We’ll be back summers, so it’s not like one big long time away. -Shon


      • Hi Shon,
        My name is Albert, New York, and I’m totally enjoying your blog…thank you…you’ve answered a ton of questions! I’m scheduled to be in the UAE this August and am waiting for a security clearance. Do you have any idea as to what they look for? I’ve done the FBI thing here (clear) but don’t know what else to do.


      • In terms of what the security clearance is about, if you’re with ADEC, I assume the only thing you’re waiting for is the official word that you’re good to go. Since you passed it, there should be no trouble.


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