Thursday List: the Reasons I’m Thrilled to Be Leaving my Job

In a little over a week, I will not have a full-time job anymore. In this crazy economy, you’d think I’d be devastated. Yet, I am not. Here’s why:

1. While my part-time job hours will have to increase, the difference between 50 hours a week and 25-30 hours a week has to be noticeable!

2. I will be able to sleep in more than once a week.

3. I will have time and energy to work out again. Running and yoga, you’ve been sorely missed!

4. I can start packing the house. Those three boxes of books I packed? Yeah, they’re still the only ones.

5. I will have the time and energy to cook proper meals again.

6. I may even have time to blog, take (and edit!) photos, and craft!

7. I will be able to dedicate time to learning Arabic.

8. All of these things will make me a happier and healthier person.

The end.

P.S. Yes, I will miss the people. No doubt about that.


7 thoughts on “Thursday List: the Reasons I’m Thrilled to Be Leaving my Job

  1. I know how you feel. I left my full-time job behind to focus on things I really enjoy doing, not just office hours. Having one part-time job and freelancing might be challenging but it opened so many other opportunities for me. No regrets.


    • I am a teacher here in Al Ain for ADEC and hired through TeachAway. I was given the link for your blog from a friend who met you at the Atlanta interview. Her name is Andrea. I have enjoyed the blog; my son and I have been here for two years, and I have just extended for another year. We love it, and if you want input from someone here who has had a positive experience and would love to share, feel free to contact me. Trust me, there will be tons of negative input in the days to come….good luck!


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