Teach Away–Far Away!

Since you’re reading this blog, chances are good that you’re interested in teaching abroad.  Either that or you find yourself strangely but irresistibly drawn to my imbecilic writing (this is Shon writing, by the way) and can’t help but continue reading.  That’s because I’m using the force on you.  Or, there’s always the third option: you know us and are simply interested in keeping up (which is wonderful!  Please do!).  Anyway, if you’ve read my first entry here, “Beginnings,” you know that I wanted to teach in the Emirates for years before finally finding myself able to do so.  Because I love both teaching and traveling, I can hardly wait to combine the two things, and I’m sure looking forward to this new adventure in a foreign classroom.  If you’d like a wee bit more information on teaching in Abu Dhabi, I found a couple of short videos you might like to watch.

If you’re curious about the recruiting organization Teach Away, or you are simply interested in some details about teaching in Abu Dhabi, the first video is for you.  It’s a Teach Away/ADEC promo.  Mind you, I’m in no way endorsing Teach Away, since they don’t pay me (but if you work for Teach Away and you’d like to consider adding me to your payroll, I’ll think it over).  The TA folks are easy to work with, however, and my experience with them has been quite good.

The second video is a Fox News Atlanta segment that was made last spring, round about the time I had my first ADEC interview and was seriously fretting about finding a job because of, as the reporter says (more or less, I’m not quoting, so give me some slack), Georgia’s faltering economy.

In the first video, you’ll see a guy named Don who was present at the ADEC interviews in Atlanta.

In the second video, you’ll not see anyone I’ve ever met.  But I have the feeling that every high school in America has similar concrete block walls.


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