Food Friday

Okay, okay, I know it’s Saturday, but I started this post yesterday, and then Benadryl kicked in, and I fell asleep before finishing it.

So here it goes: I now pronounce Fridays food-related days! It means two things: a) once a week, you will have to endure me sharing recipes or b) once a week you will get to see photos of UAE food (that will have to wait until August, though).

I don’t have a recipe for today, but I will share a recipe-related story.

When I realized that I could not possibly take all of my cookbooks and recipe magazines to the UAE with me, I decided this was a great time to make an electronic copy of my collection.  Shon and I started typing up our most used and loved recipes, as well as some we wanted to try.  At the same time, I began searching for a website that would allow me to store my recipe library online.

After reading some reviews, I settled on, lured by a decent selection of free features and an iPod/iPhone app.  I registered, added recipes and uploaded a couple of photos (old, but better than nothing).

And several days later, I received an e-mail saying that my photo of the Fruit Pizza won their Photo of the Month contest (which I didn’t know existed), and that I will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a year of free Pro membership.

Trust me, friends, it took me awhile to believe it wasn’t a scam.  I have never won anything in my life, let alone a hundred bucks for a very, very mediocre photo.  I am not a food photographer, I am not a photographer at all, really, but here I am, debating how to spend my unexpected wealth.

So here’s to luck, pleasant surprises, and good food!


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