Mindset Change

We went to Columbus yesterday, because I was sick of Cuthbert.  Groceries, Vitamin Shoppe, Thai food, and shopping were on our list.

I walked into maurices (my ultimate shopping destination), picked up several cute shirts/pants and… hung them back.  You see, while I can totally rock this shirt Image in Georgia, it will be kind of a faux pas in UAE.

So, I continued the search, chanting “not sleeveless, not high above the knee” , and found some really cute pieces. I wish I could afford them all 🙂

It is interesting, I think, how the mind, the habits, the everything, have to readjust.

Shopping for a swimsuit will be a little more trying, though, I imagine.


8 thoughts on “Mindset Change

  1. I just presented an Arab woman, making the research what women are dressed in a European country or in the US, where she is going to go for a few years … Sorry for my English and my imagination…. ;-O


  2. Are short sleeves(above the elbow) acceptable or do they need to be below the elbow? I will be working as a librarian at the female campus of the Applied Technology High Schools in Al Ain. I have a ton of questions but my biggest question is how easy will it be for me to manage without driving? I wish I could figure out where the school is but I haven’t had much luck – hope it isn’t too far from the town center.


    • Dolma, I didn’t read all your comments earlier–regarding pay, the private schools are always lower than ADEC. As for clothing, that depends on your workplace. All schools are different. For casual going out, t shirts are fine.


      • Thanks – the taxi fares seem pretty similar to the NYC subway(under $2.50) and it sounds like a lot of teachers live in the same complex so maybe carpooling will be an option too. The buses are super cheap too – only 1-2 Dh? That’s under $1. I started the authentication process today – taking my diploma to the NY Dept.of State tomorrow.


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