Thursday List: Things I Look Forward to.

I think we should introduce a weekly topic. Since I like lists and it happens to be Thursday, I now pronounce it the List Day! Here it goes:

1. Lack of gnats (can I get an amen?)

2. A foreign language (our recent trip to London was fantastic, but a tad disappointing due to lack of “foreignness”)

3. Hummus.

4. Fresh dates (I hear they are really good)

5. New things to photograph.

6. A (possibly) temporary lack of a full-time job. Sleep, time for crafts and other projects would be nice.

7. Not being the only Russian in the 50-mile radius.

8. Access to the beach or a swimming pool (keeping my fingers crossed).

9. Trying new food and learning to cook it.

10. Not going through acculturation alone this time. Shon will be in the same boat!


2 thoughts on “Thursday List: Things I Look Forward to.

  1. Hummus is not so bad as you expect. We tried it with Dad in Israel. Try different kind, may be you`ll find something you like.


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